Weed Watching

Canaan Street Lake Weed Watching Zones

map of zones for weed watching

Zone 1: Town Beach and southwestward to reservoir

Zone 2: CMS dam cove and southward to public beach

Zone 3: CMS beach cove and to Crescent Campsite cove

Zones 4: Crescent Campsite cove and east side of lake to reservoir

Zone 5: Reservoir (with permission from DES)

Zone 6: Lake center

Zone boundaries revised 2016

Searching Information:

  • An identification guide including other tutorial information will be found at this link.
  • Hints for Searching. Milfoil is usually found along shoreline and in shallow water, frequently near boat launching areas. Milfoil and Zebra Mussel larvae may reach the Lake via boats, engines and live bait boxes.
  • Search in flat calm (early morning). Polarized glasses help on bright days. A garden rake can be helpful in retrieving the weed BUT DO NOT ALLOW FRAGMENT OF SUSPICIOUS WEED TO DRIFT AWAY.
  • After searching please inform Rick Roesch at rickroesch@aol.comwith the following information: Date of search; zone(s) searched and result.
  • If any suspicious plant is found, note its location and inform Rick Roesch or you may inform NH Dept of Environmental Services, Exotic Species Coordinator at 603-271-2963 or asmagula@des.state.nh.us. If you contact NHDES direct, please inform Rick so that follow–up action can be started.

NH DES Weed Watcher Program
Weed Watchers’ Report