On April 24th the House Resources, Recreation, and Development (RR&D) Committee spent hours thoughtfully considering the issue of wake surfing setbacks on our lakes.

Most of those testifying at the SB 431 hearing urged the committee to support more than the proposed 200-foot setback for wake surfing. Many personal stories about water quality degradation, wildlife impacts, and safety concerns associated with wake surfing close to shore and in shallow water were shared with the committee. In addition, nearly 600 individuals signed in online opposing the 200-foot setback and urging the committee to support a more protective setback. 

This Wednesday (5/8), the House Resources, Recreation and Development ((RR&D) Committee will be making their recommendation on SB 431. If you haven’t already shared with the committee why you oppose the proposed 200-foot setback for wake surfing, there’s still time! 

Before Wednesday (5/8),write an email to the RR&D Committee explaining why you think a 200-foot setback from shore—just 50 more feet than the current setback—is not enough to protect our lakes from large and powerful wakes generated for wake surfing. Then, copy and paste the following email address block into the “to” line of your email and send!

Tuesday (5/7), three more lake-friendly bills passed by the House of Representatives will be heard in the Senate. 

NH LAKES will be at the hearings urging the Energy and Natural Resources Committee to support each of these bills. 

Thank you for registering your support in the House so these three bills could make it to the Senate. Please register your support in the Senate.

HB 1113, relative to shoreland septic systems
Provides more protection to our lakes from septic system pollution. It modifies requirements for site assessment studies of shoreland septic systems when property is sold.If any portion of a septic system is within 250 feet of the water, the buyer shall, at the buyer’s expense, engage in a septic system evaluation or accept an evaluation done within the past 180 days.If the system is not approved or was approved before 9/1/89, the buyer shall hire a permitted designer. If the system is found with signs of failure or in failure, the local health inspector and the NH Department of Environmental Services must be notified, and the buyer shall replace the system within 180 days. Committee: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Date/Time: Tuesday, May 7, 9:50 a.m.

HB 1293, relative to the use of certain fertilizers on turf
Provides more protection to our lakes from phosphorus pollution from fertilizers. No lawn fertilizer sold at a retail store can include phosphorus unless for establishing a new lawn, for lawn repair, or if a soil test indicates phosphorus is needed.Applying fertilizer is prohibited before/during heavy rain and on saturated or frozen ground, and application setbacks from storm drains are included. Signage about impacts to water resources and laws relative to fertilizer application must be posted in places where phosphorus fertilizer is sold.Committee: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Date/Time: Tuesday, May 7, 9:00 a.m.

HB 1554, relative to regulating the cutting of native aquatic vegetation on submerged land in lakesProtects our lakes from unintended water quality problems caused by the management of native plants in the water.Gives the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services clear authority to regulate and develop rules for the cutting and management of native aquatic vegetation in lakes.Committee: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Date/Time: Tuesday, May 7, 9:40 a.m.
1. Register Your Support Online
The Senate’s online sign-in platform is set up differently than the House’s, but it’s still easy to use. Just follow these steps. Go to the NH General Court Senate Remote Sign-in Sheet to House Sign-in Form and Online Testimony submission.

Select the date of the hearing: May 7 Select the committee: Senate Energy and Natural ResourcesChoose the bill: You will have to sign in separately for each of these bills.
9:00 a.m. – HB 1293 (fertilizers)
9:40 a.m. – HB 1554 (cutting of native aquatic plants)
9:50 a.m. – HB 1113 (shoreland septic systems)
I am: A Member of the Public
I’m Representing: Myself
Indicate Your Position on this Bill: I support this bill
On the bottom of the page, select “Continue.”
Fill in your personal information.
On the bottom of the page, select “Continue.”
Review the information submitted and then click the checkbox on the bottom left.
On the bottom of the page, select “Continue.”
Now, email the committee your comments.
See step #2 below.

2. Email the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee Directly
In addition to registering your support online, you can email the committee members directly. Introduce yourself, indicate what lake community you are from, and why you support each bill.
Copy and paste the following email address block into the “to” line of your email: